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Nordic Youth Perspective on Mental Wellbeing

Poor mental health is a growing problem among youth in the Nordic countries. This is a worrying development and an urgent issue to address. The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society, MUCF, with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers and the European Union, is leading a process to gather Nordic knowledge and expertise on mental health. The goal is to improve and strengthen mental wellbeing among youth in the Nordic countries.

Nordic Youth Perspective (NYP) on Mental Wellbeing takes place throughout 2024. It is a process in which MUCF brings together Nordic youth, experts and decisionmakers to seek solutions to a joint problem. Youth play a key role in the process. NYP contains three stages: preparatory workshops, a main NYP event in Stockholm, and a public event where the results are shared. 

Nordic Youth Perspective (NYP)
Nordic Youth Perspective (NYP) - Vy från Färöarna

Preparatory workshops

Leading up to the main NYP event in Stockholm in November, MUCF is hosting a series of dialogue workshops with child and youth lead organisations, addressing mental wellbeing of youth. MUCF aims to include and give voice to children and youth from all Nordic countries and regions included in NORDBUK. In addition, MUCF seeks to include children and youth with different perspectives and lived experiences in the dialogue workshops.

The workshops will contribute to build an agenda for the main NYP event in November. MUCF is working closely together with the youth representatives in NORDBUK.

If your organisation is addressing mental wellbeing of youth in the Nordic countries and would like to contribute with your perspectives and knowledge, please contact us: NYP@mucf.se.

Nordic Youth Perspective (NYP) - konferensdatum i Stockholm

Delegates meet in Stockholm

On 6-7th November 2024, the main NYP event will be held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The event will serve as a catalyst and forum between the Nordic countries to share knowledge and methods on mental wellbeing concerning youth. The aim of the event is to use the knowledge gathered in the workshops and come up with a joint action plan on how to prevent poor mental health among youth. Ultimately, NYP and this event will be a platform to build stronger and healthier young people in the Nordic countries.

Do you want to get involved?

MUCF works together with official Nordic national agencies and organisations on NYP, but everyone with knowledge on the issue is welcome to contribute. Please contact us through NYP@mucf.se with your suggestions.

Nordic Youth Perspective (NYP) - handstående på strand i Norge.

Summing up the results

On 26th of November 2024 - exact time yet to be confirmed - MUCF will host a public event where the results of NYP are shared. 

The event will be live streamed on MUCF:s YouTube channel and the link to the event will be integrated on this page.

This will be an occasion for everyone who is interested in the topic to learn what findings and conclusions NYP has delivered.

More information on the event will be shared in due course.