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Mission and knowledge

Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society produces and disseminates knowledge in two principal areas: Youth policy and policy focused on civil society.

Youth policy

There are a total of 1.6 million children, youths and young adults aged between 13 and 25 in Sweden. We produce knowledge on their living conditions across a range of areas such as work, housing, education, health, leisure time and influence.

Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society also has the task of working to ensure that the youth perspective is developed in the work of other state agencies and to provide support for the municipalities in their youth policy work.

Civil society policy

Civil society is a concept that is used to describe all types of organisations and associations that are not constituted by the state, the market or by individual households. One could also speak of the voluntary sector, i.e. when people come together and organise themselves because they have a common goal, ideal or interest of some kind.

Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society has the task of disseminating knowledge on prevailing conditions and trends in civil society. One important objective is that of improving conditions for associations, organisations and other voluntary sector activities.