We bring fresh ideas

Vilija Nemanyte från Litauen och Antonio Pozueco från Spanien har varit volontärer i Borås Stad. Text på engelska.

Bild på Antonio och Vilija

We worked in two projects:

  • Raise EU awareness among Swedish youth. It can include volunteering, youth exchange. We arrange events, organise our own events in the youth center, library, at the university. We also arrange social events such as games.
  • The other projects is about supporting a group of youngsters to find jobs and internship. We arrange social events for them and traing them before their departure abroad. We also have language café, cinema, team building and socializing.

It is good to get out of the comfort zone and get to know a new culture. Also to get work experience in a field you like. It is not all about the money!

We bring fresh ideas into the local community. We have another culture and background and another fun thing is that they can not fire us.

It is interesting to see different practices and ask why in a curious way. It can maybe be possible to do things the other way around.


Vilija Nemanyte, Litauen, vilija.nemanyte@gmail.com

Antonio Pozueco, Spanien, antoniopozueco@outlook.com