Conference on inclusion and youth participation

Observera att denna konferens kommer att hållas på engelska. 

Building a Nordic strategy for meaningful and inclusive co-creation and dialogue with young people in socio-economically and geographically marginalised areas.

22-24 October 2018, Stockholm.

Nordic society today faces complex social challenges that we are unable to resolve without involving young people themselves. Challenges like social exclusion, segregation, unequal voting participation, vulnerability to populism and radicalisation, as well as lack of trust in the democratic system all necessitates strengthened local democratic platforms.

But how do we avoid the opposite happening, that the participatory models contribute to social exclusion and disillusionment? And what are the necessary social investments and enabling long term strategies needed to build an inclusive Nordic model for youth participation? These are the urgent questions we want to gather strategists and practitioners
in the public sector, youth participation experts, civil society and young people across the Nordic countries to jointly tackle. The aim is to identify the ingredients of a Nordic strategy for strengthening equal and inclusive democratic youth participation locally, with a focus on meaningful co-creation and dialogue in socio-economically and geographically marginalised areas.

This is not a knowledge-based conference lined up with panel debates. Instead we would like to invite you to an incubator for joint solution-finding where we aim at building on the complementary experiences from the Nordic countries. The conclusions will be handed over to the Nordic Council of Ministers and spread to municipalities and regions in the Nordic countries.

Application and practicalities

Time: 22 October (starts at 14.00), 24 October (ends at 16.00)
Place: Långholmens Wärdshus, Stockholm

The conference fee is 2000 SEK (excluding VAT) and this includes 2 nights stay at Långholmen Wärdshus for those living outside Stockholm. You may apply for a travel contribution up to a maximum amount of 2000 SEK, but
only for those travel costs exceeding 1800 SEK. Youth organisations and young people are exempted from the conference fee.

You are invited to submit an application, including a short profile and motivation, at the link below. Selection will be made in order to ensure diversity in terms of professional profile and geography.
Apply here

12 September 2018
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Åsa Gunvén on

The conference is organised by MUCF, the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society, within the framework of NORDBUK and the Swedish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.